bullit pedals installation


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Jun 23, 2003
Just ordered my bullitt pedals, anyone installed these on your car? How hard and what tools are needed. Thanks for the input...By the way I ordered (oem) bullit pedals.

Bullitt pedals are installed, the only real problem was re-installing the accelerator pin, but they look and feel great...will take pic's soon. Thanks for the replies...here are the pic's.


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You'll need to pound out the pin in the accelerator pedal, you'll reuse it when you install the new accelerator assembly. Also, soapy water or silicone lubricant will help you get the new clutch & brake pedals on. You can pry out the dead pedal and the new one just snaps in.

Otherwise, patience with the clutch and brake will be necessary (strong knuckles and fingers don't hurt either).

I think it took me about 30-45 minutes to do the job.

i used dish soap to get my pedals on. it was a pain in the arse. the soap squished out and got all over the place. when i tried to clean them off, i just got a lot of suds. lol. i have heard you can soak them in warm water to get the rubber to loosen up. also, use a small flathead screwdriver to get the lip over the pedals.
Stangnut said:
It depends on which kit you got. OEM or Ford racing.

Thanks for the correction, forgot about that. I did what Scottyboy mentioned, used a small screwdriver and some silicone spray... The instructions actually call for starting the pedal cover (top or bottom - don't remember which) and then mashing it with your foot (working back and forth until it's on. I didn't try that, but it makes some sense.

The gas pedal/arm and the dead pedal are a snap, the brake and clutch are a PITA! I used a pocket screwdriver and lots of WD40! Try and get one side on and then just keep working it back and forth till they seat. You'll want to have a thin blade screwdriver or pocket size to help get them over the lip.

Once you get them on you'll love them! :banana:
i couldnt get the gas pedal pin in so i used a bolt. works well. the clutch and brake pedals caused me stress that took 5 years off my life. i ended up getting allen head machine scews and drilling 3 per pedal. it looks pretty cool.
jezzi55 said:
I imterested in getting those set as well. Any place I can get it for a decent price? I broke off my gas padel and need the whole assembly.
The 2 cheapest places to get the OEM set are
Kar Kraft and 5.0 Resto

If you find them any cheaper, they're not OEM. They're Ford Racing and don't include the brackets or they don't have all 4 pedals, i.e. Fordparts.com.

Get the bullit's! I've never been a big fan of aftermarket pedals like the Saleen or Steeda's, I just think they're too big. I put a set from Saleen on my Brothers 93 and I don't like them at all!

Here's my bullit pedals...I'm ashamed to post this pic cause my interior was dirty :shrug:


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JO 04 said:
How can I get the pin out?? I cannot get it to budge, is there a way to get the throttle cable loose to remove the whole gas pedls??


Yes take the whole assembly off......The cable is held in place by a black plastic piece that pops off with a screwdriver and the cable comes off. Then take the two nuts off holding the gas pedal. I held this piece in my hand and removed the pin by hitting the pin itself with a hammer. Did the same to get the pin back in and caused no damage to the pin buy doing so.
Ok forget hair drier and the soap.
1. Spray hair spray on the pedals
2. Insert just the bottom part of the pedal.
3. Use your foot to push the pedal all the way hard while twisting your foot. Magically this worked for me.
Took about 10 seconds for the brake and clutch.