Bullit Swap Toa Stock Gt 4.6 Questions!


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Aug 29, 2013
Hey guys,
I'm sure there will be a few bits of debate here. My factory composite intake broke, as you may have read. I decided to swap to a BULLIT intake if I can find one. I think I did... its sitting in some random Mexi-cali place here in town. The guy doesn't know much about it, but confirmed its all aluminum has has the plenum runner from the rear to mid point of the intake. If I install this.. will it be a direct bolt on to 2001 GT 4.6 factory heads? Will the gaskets all line up? Will my old Throttle body work? What about the TB cable? Any other modifications to make this work? DOES ANY ONE KNOW WHAT THE FACTORY FORD PART IS FOR A 2001 BULLIT ALUMINUM MANIFOLD? Some guys say they see gains of 5-10 since they've done this on other sites. Some say just a greater power curve. I'm just after cooler temps.... steady power.. and the biggest thing im after is NON BREAKABLE PLASTIC! Thanks for the help guys.... I'm really interested in doing this!
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Description Part Number
Intake Manifold (Main) 2R3Z-9424-AA
Intake Manifold (Upper) 2R3Z-9A589-BA
Throttle Body 2R3Z-9E926-AB
Throttle Cable 1R3Z-9A758-BA
Throttle Control Bracket 1R3Z-9728-BA
T/B Gasket F7LZ-9E936-AA
Air Inlet Tube 1R3Z-9B659-CA
Cruise Control Cable 1R3Z-9A825-DA
Alternator Bracket 2R3Z-10153-AA
Alternator YR3Z-10346-AARM

98+ GTs need new fuel rails 2R3Z-9F792-BA

Spacer Gasket 2R3Z-9E930-AA
"L" Bracket 2R3Z-9J444-AA
EGR Tube 1R3Z-9D477-CA
T-Stat Housing 1W7Z-8592-AA
Upper Radiator Hose 1R3Z-8260-DA
Crankcase Vent Tube 1R3Z-6C324-AA
IAC Valve Inlet Tube 2R3Z-9H308-BA
Intake Gasket (need 2) YL3Z-9439-BA
Under Intake Hose 2R3Z-18663-CA
Jumper for rear cross over 1R3Z-18472-DA


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There is a good bump in power. It will bolt to the heads BUT, as the parts list above show, its not a direct swap. I thought about this when I saw your other post about the Trick Flow manifold but knew it may require more dollars than the TF piece.


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If you decide to stick with an original style manifold DO NOT buy the Doorman brand from the parts store. You will actually see a reduction in power. Stay with an OEM Ford unit.
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