bullitt rims...4 lug

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ahh ok...yeah its not that expensive...i actually had a few hundred to spend and i was about to do 5 lug and disc conversion until i realized....AH new rims lol...that would been a great picture to see my face when i went to put my rims back on after it was all done...(and had no money to buy rims hahaha :lol: :rlaugh: just gotta rememeber the new rim cost
The pony's wheels have the lugs within the center of the spokes. The Bullits have the lugs between each spoke. To make it look anything like a Bullit, it would have to be 4 spoke, or look like Pony's with skinney spokes.

I Really wanted a set of these before I settled on the '03 Cobra's, but they can't be done in 4 lug. :shrug: :nice: I already had a nice set of Strange Axles installed in 4 lug (before I bought the car) so I did not want to get rid of those just to go to 5 lug.
exhausted said:
Matt90gt --- if you cant help please dont write anything, and I looked it up, thats why I know its a PITA.

Thats a good way to treat the guy who has helped thousands of people with their brake swaps. I agree with what Matt said.
You can get a rim that looks like the Bullit with 4 spokes, but not a Bullit rim with 4 lugs
302efi said:
How many spokes does a pony wheel have... :owned:...5 and it's a 4 lug rim.

Your avaitar fits you to a "t"!

Look at the pony rim. Where are the lugs? DUH, under the center cap!

Where are the lugs on the bullits? Duh, between the spokes.

has everyone just lost common sense around here? Look at the wheel, and try to get 4 lugs between 5 spokes. I dont work real well on the Cobra Rs and it does not work on the bullits. I am sure you can find some "arse" looking 4 lugs with a HUGE center so the 4 lugs can be drilled, but again it will not be the bullit style with the lugs between the spokes and it will not look original.

jezzz, some people's kids!
Read your 1st post, you are implying there is no way to make a 5 spoke wheel with 4 lugs. As for your insults of people, its not my fault your inbred.

This site is for all kind of mustang enthusiasts, some that have knowledge of mustangs and some that don't. The man just ask the questions about 4 lug bullitts, maybe he didnt know why they can't make them. Why be a smart-ass to him in the first place ? If you could not help him, then just pass the thread up. Someone must have been deprived of attention as a child...
302efi said:
Exactly, The guy asked for a bullit rim, which has 5 spokes. So where does Matt get off talking about a 4 spoke rim ???

Look at the way the lugs are configured on the Bullitt rim. The holes are between the spokes. The only way to make them four lug would be to widen the center which would look stupid or to rid themselves of one spoke which would also look stupid. Oh and you could also stick a hole right through one of the spokes....again it would look stupid.

P.S. Matt.....I used to think you came off like a jerk in some posts but now I see your frustration and it drives me insane as well. Now I just laugh at your remarks. :nice: