Bumper cover needed - 87-93

Hey all,

Does anyone know of an 87-93 LX bumper cover anywhere, I really need one. :D
If I can't find one from anyone I'll try Kelly's Mustang Parts or SGI. Just thought I would check and see if anyone has one taking up space and would like to get rid of it.

Big John
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Red2000GT said:
It's saturday. The day AFTER Friday. I don't hear anyyyyttthhinnggg?????
:rlaugh: Ya John, get to it already, if you were driving your car, I'm sure we'd all hear it, but is it louder than SPEED FREAKS? or are you two not having a competition about the beastlyness of your respective stangs? :shrug:
Well as always, nothing goes completely as planned :D
I had it all ready to go and then the tranny cooler started leaking :notnice:
So now that is taken care of, this afternoon will be the maiden voyage around the block :nice:
Picking up the rear bumper cover this afternoon aswell and hopefully in a couple weeks it will be painted :D

So close!

SPEEDFREAK ain't got nothing compared to my beastlyness :stick:

Big John