Bumper Warped?

I recently bought this 2000 V6 and it had the Cobra R bumper on the front. It seems to sort of warp down or sag down in the middle of the bumper, there are 2 bolts on these rods that connect back into the front section of the car which look like they're being held in place by zip ties, the bumper slightly sticks out at the sides under the headlights. Both problems seem to have something to do with each other. Can a heat gun and a bit of patience make a difference? Or am I just going to have to get a new bumper which I don't mind doing, but my budget does. I added some photos of the bumper and inside below (excuse the dirtiness of the car, the roads are all salted in Canada)

Also I found this 2001 Mustang track car on Youtube with ironically the same bumper, The metal spokes connected on the bumper, could those do the trick?
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