General Buy 01 Cobra or 06 GT?

Apr 7, 2010
I looked at and drove a 2006 GT and 2001 Cobra over the weekend and I’m a little torn. The Cobra has 56K miles on it, was convertible (which is a small plus for me) and was in FLAWLESS condition with the only mods being sub frame connectors and strut tower beads. I don’t really care if one is a little faster than the other. The owner is asking $11,750, which is a little high, but hes open to negotiating. The one thing I really liked about the 06 GT is how solid the car felt, even though the Cobra had the subframe connectors and strut tower brace, the GT just felt like it had less flex to it
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Jul 12, 2018
I’ve got an 08’ GT and 08’ GT500. I LOVE the Retro 60’s Body style, they are put together well, comfy on long trips, and they are fun to drive. Have 96K on the Car with the stock Clutch! The Cobra is a different animal, 18K & it needs a Clutch, just haven’t installed, yet. The real question is, are you looking at the for a possible “keeper” Collector’s Car, or just want to have fun (or BOTH?).
The Cobras’s of that Genre’ are going to skyrocket in value, it’s not an o3’ or 04’ Supercharged Cobra, but still rare. I bought my 08’ GT bone Stock with 40K on it for 10K$, 2yrs ago. Both Manual Trans. Cars-yes? Honestly, both great Cars, the Cobra is....well- a COBRA!56k on it, no less! My impulse is go with the more rare one, Cobra’s are going to thin out further in numbers, and a great motor to Build- already 320HP (Gross). But do a Carfax on it at the Sellers expense, and see how well taken care of it was, owners, where maintenance was done, look for AUCTIONS in its history (usually means it was Crashed & repaired off the Books).
Here’s an article on each. It’s fair- read through them, do a 2 out of 3 quarter flip (that’s even more fair than the Government!!) -pick your Ride!
Ok- 01’ Cobraeva Pic?... knoford-svt-mustang-cobra-road-test-reviewayb

06’ Mustang GT

Remember, Independent rear Suspension in the Cobra, Solid Axle in the GT. Both great Cars, Cobra is priced really well, asp. for the mileage. The newer GT’ looks slick as Hell with a few details.
Good luck! Pls. Let me (us) know what you selected, maybe a Pic or Two(?)55


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Aug 1, 1998
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That is kind of a tough decision if you just look at it from a horsepower standpoint. They're pretty close. Me personally, I'd probably lean towards the Cobra because Cobra. It has the IRS too so that's a plus.

But you're right about the certainly feels like a tighter, "peppier" car than the New Edge. I have an '03 GT...owned it since new...but when a friend of mine let me take his '07 GT for a spin when he bought it, boy did that thing have more oomph. It just felt better overall than mine did. Yet it still wasn't enough to make me jump ship. LOL.
Apr 7, 2010
Will the strut tower brace and subframe connectors get it somewhat close to the stiffness of an 05-09 GT? I like everything about the Cobra with the exception of the stiffer platform.
Jul 12, 2018
Sure, you could spend $$ On tightening it’s Front end up, and although the Cobra will be a great(er) responding Car, it’s such a different Animal, it just won’t ever feel quite like the S197- I think the “rigidity” you’re describing may also be (in a big part) due to the rear Suspension being Independent in the Cobra.
These Car’s just look, sound & feel “right”
setup as is, it Car has more of that “Classic Muscle” feel- persay. It is a heavier than the
Cobra- yet light on its feet, and though you’re not really basing the choice on power level- should you CHOOSE to Build it, it responds very, very well to the Basics, & although newer- is still cheaper to build than the Cobra.
The 01’ will love the twisties, just like it devours the straights. The 06’, like my 08’, has the same really “predictable” step out, and unless you’re really asking for it, it won’t embarrass you & turn a well planned 90 degree burnout into
a 180 Degree YouTube “special edition”!
I’m comparing it to my 08’ GT as it’s close- does have some Mods in Suspension it’s lowered
W/ Hotchkis goodies- but (during “normal” Driving) it doesn’t feel all that different than when I’d bought it, 99% Stock.
I don’t usually get Cars Stock, or Buy Tunes- My Customers never bring me THAT type of Work, I create Tunes for already Tweaked Cars
that won’t run right or people get lost on, Correct & Dynotune them.. I’d also wanted a new SCTX4 WIFI Tuner as I own the BAMA PRO Software, so I’d bought an Airaid CAI & a Borla Catback, and 2 free Tunes I’d gotten from BAMA (Told them to “go nutty with the Tunes, bring my rev limiter up to 6,750”) and-I was amazed at how that REALLY woke it up & I had a HELL of a time in keeping it from lighting up the Tires in 1st and 2nd- 1/8th pedal, no matter how careful I was...the difference in response/snap was very impressive- (52HP and 61 Ft/Lbs impressive, & i HAD to Dyno it, lol) I’d gone to the Beach the week after, a 93 Slurp average of 34MPG over 400 Miles. Not too shabby. I get more thumbs up Cruising around with (either) 08’ than MOST of my other Car’s- and I’ve quite a, I’m not the only one that feels/knows/see’s the appeal....
From looking at your texts, I’d say you’ve got it in for the 06’, Only (1) cure, there! Good luck! Would like to see Pic’s, in whichever you DO choose!
P.S. I’ve received 1,001 Letters about an Airbag recall, TSB about it. They’ll likely put it in tha air at the Dealership- if you Do want it take care of thatget a good look at it, have the Owner get that done- Brakes & Pads/Tires. See what the Dealer says. Cheers!! John
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Nov 6, 2016
FYI- Many unique parts for the '01 Cobra are hard to find and pricey.

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