Fox Buying A Fox With Front End Damage

I came across this beauty for a great price, I don't get to see it until Saturday, and have one sad pic to go by.

I mainly wanted this for some doors and a rear window, but now I'm thinking project. What do I need to look at in terms of structure? As in what would I not be able to fix without a fancy frame machine?

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You at the very least need to measure it point to point to see if all of the crucial parts are where they need to be. You can't just look at it and say yes or no to the frame rack without measuring first. If all that you need is body panels and it's cheap then why not. Otherwise plan on getting it checked or checking it yourself.
Next to the hood support is that a bend in the radiator support or just the pic. also look at the line where the fender meets the hood. Is the frame under it bent(strut tower)? lower the hood and see where it lines up. That's a weird dent in the bumper to have the hood buckle like that. What did they hit, a pole with a wall behind it?
So I picked it up yesterday for $150, couldn't say no. Teenager bought it from the original owner and crashed it into a phone pole while drunk. Just had the timing belt replaced 10,000km ago, runs very nicely. Frame/rad support is very bent, it buckled at the one corner, and everything in front of the windshield is pushed over a few inches, not a chance of saving it. However, it's got a mint interior, trunk interior, trunk lid, rear bumper and driver fender, all of which I need. Definitely came out ahead.