Buying Lowering springs??


New Member
May 12, 2005
what do most of everyone prefer in springs??? i was thinkin of the Steeda's... i just want it to be a noticable diff... i'am goin to be puttin 17" bullitt's on it with 245/45/17 on front & 275/40/17 on back... lets see some pics if u got;em??
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You wont clear in the rear with 275's if you are stock. I have the eibach pro kit with 245/45/17's all around. The tail pipes(2.5") barely clear the back of the tire, I have about a 1/4 inch left of space. My car is a notch though. You might have to move the pipes in more, dump the quads or get adjustable lowers. Thats my car though, other people could share their setup with a hatchback....