C&L Plenum???

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If you can only buy either the TB or plenum right now, go with the plenum - you will notice a gain and once you get the cash for the TB, change that out for optimum results.
do it, i just put mine in and I can definately tell a difference, i'm going with the 75mm tb, tru flow inlet tube, 80mm MAF, and new filter setup after suspension, thought this was the best mod to do out of these...do it you will not regret it. Easy install too, just be carefull with the bolts for the throttle body, i stripped one of mine.
68 & 00 GT said:
I hear the C & L plenum causes a weird whinning, or whistleing noise - Any of you guys get that ? If so is it annoying ?

I noticed a slight whine after installing the plenum - I already had the Accufab 70MM T/B with no noise. It's not really annoying, just slightly noticeable under acceleration.