cam 2 in my cobra?

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alright cam 2 is a type of gasoline around my way... its for like race cars and shyt... its 113 octane points or mabye more i cant remember... could i put this is my car... :mad:
113 hell no. your at 9.85.1 compression. If your wanting to used racing fuel just for the smell mix it with 93 octane but i would keep my ratios so that you dont go over 100 octane. straight 113o and your gonna burn ***** up.
Hahaha, I ran nothing but cam 2 in my talon (18 psi of boost) and my dip**** friend thought it would help his probe with a built motor for turbo but didnt have the turbo yet and only running 7.5.1 compression I belive. Needless to say he didnt notice any difference except his o2's taking a ****.