cam experience


New Member
Nov 21, 2003
Seatte, WA
Ok, I need some help on deciding which type of cam i should run in my engine..
forged eternals
SRS light weight pistons
9.1 compression
185 AFR heads
1.7 r.r
s trim supercharger 3.33 pulley ( T trim coming soon, 15-20 psi )
Anderson p.p.
tfs track heat intake
75mm accufab throttle body
75 pro-m caliberated for 42lb injectors
42 lb injectors
373 gears

Now i've been searching for a while, currently i have a crower 15512 in my 302 which i blew last week, but i want a custom blowre cam, looked at anderson cams, comp cams, bennett custom cams, ed curtis cams.. Im running the S trim right now and later down the road i want to upgrade to a T trim, put some real boost into this engine...Need some help fellas.. which cam do you guys think i should run with?? Thanks !!
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