Cam Sync Signal Generator

So finally got everything to a point where I could turn my stroker 351 over. I had everything ready for fire. I go to turn it over and the ECU reported it was not recieving a cam sync signal. I was using a MSD piece which can be seen in the drawing but after it was all said and done part is no good. MSD reported that the part had been discontinued. Party foul. I started to put together my own.

The reason I am posting this is because I think it is cool and I thought you guys might appreciate it.

This was the moment I realized that MSD can make pretty parts but don't work

So this is what MSD does. It is a billet alum housing with the hardened shaft with a lip seal and sealled bearing with a brass piece with a magnet threaded in at the top. This rotates in a custom hall effect msd sensor which generates...nothing. I looked on other forums and this part is crap be warned.

I decided to make my own. Since I had access to a cnc machine I designed my own. my plan was to replace the top plate with one that would hold a hall effect under a spinning disc. My goal was style and a working accurate signal. Here is what one of my first designs was. My plan was a to use the existing brass piece as a key use a coupler from that to the disc with a stud through the middle to put a washer on top. The coupler would be be sealed with a small lip seal. The disc is balanced. The small steel piece for signal generation has the weight countered with the cuts in the aluminum disc.

This is the top plate and disc machined. The coupler is done now but no pics yet. I tested it by turning the shaft by hand and I have a signal that is reliable. I will get you pics with it installed and maybe a wmv of the thing running if I am lucky

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