Cams for KB #14


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Oct 28, 2002
I have switched from a Vortech SQ w/cooler (441rwh/390tq) to a KB.
Much more fun on the street. The Vortech torgue curve was nothing compared to the solid 3000-5000 RPM (465tq) line.

Time to think about some heads . Planing on Fox Lake stage 2 port.

Question is what type of cams make sense for my car. The max blower speed is reached at around 6300RPM so I don't plan on reving the engine past that point. Lift/duration brand etc.....
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you may want to check with Cobra Killer, but i thought i read that Cams don't make much of a difference with the KB. it may be the 4V i'm thinking about tho. anyway, check with Cobra Killer.