Camshaft selection...lets get your thoughts.

My lifters are tickin somethin awful and I figure its cam/lifter time...good excuse,eh? well...the engine is a stock '77 302 w/ flattop pistons. Any idea what lift the springs might be good for? I want more 2000+rpm range w/ the cam. I am going to put a 4 barrel on the thing soon but for right now I'm putting on the street dominator and a adapter for the 2 barrel to work on the 4 barrel intake till I can afford a new Holley(my engine budget's been blown for the most part on the 390FE leavin me w/ little cash). I can't really do anything head wise right now so they will be staying. Here's the selections

single pattern crane energizer kits:

272/272 adv duration, 216/216 [email protected], 110 lobe sep., 484 lift

278/278 adv duration, 222/222 [email protected], 110 lobe sep, 498 lift

dual pattern crane powermax

2000-5000rpm 272/284 adv duration int/exh, 216/228 [email protected], 112 lobe sep, .484/.512 lift int/exh

What do you guys think...seems the dual pattern would be a better choice...and with its design its powerband is better than that of the larger of the single patterns which rpm range is abit high for my needs. Think that would be a decent choice...they are pretty cheap and I am a crane cams fan. Would there's be a noticable idle difference?
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I like dual pattern cams for any engine with restrictive exhaust, like the 1977 302 Ford. I think you are shopping for too much cam for stock heads, though. You should be thinking in the 260 duration range.

If you saw the exhaust ports on those heads, you would see what I mean. Also, keep in mind that your stock springs are good to about 4500 rpm, and your press-in studs can't take too much cam either.
well here's another dual pattern

1500-4500 260/272 int/exh adv dur, 204/206 [email protected], 112 lobe sep, .456/.484 lift. That seems to run abit short powerband wise though vs the other dual pattern.

I know thing is restricted lt headers and magnapack exhaust gave it a hell of a kick compared to how it was w/ manifolds and turbos. I don't wanna hafta pull the heads off. I'm hopin maybe they could handle the new cam w/o new springs/retainers...if not I guess I'll get them to put on using the airhose to keep the valves from droppin. Never heard anything about the studs being a problem though. At least for my setup
Studs start becoming a problem with stout springs and cams that approach .500 lift.

I am running a Comp Cams Extreme Energy dual pattern cam in my 77 Maverick with a 77 302. The specs are 256/268 intake and exhaust duration and .477/.484 lift. Powerband is 1000-5200 and it idles nice.

I am using older heads with screw in studs, though. I also ported the the thermactor bumps out and put in hardened seats.

Quite often the cams will not get the warranty if you don't buy the springs.
Exactly. Cam selection is very very hard to do this way (forum) because there are so many variables....the ideal cam for every car would be custom-ground for THAT car, but since we cant all do that its best to go direct to each manufacturer and take advantage of their R&D departments and recommendations. Its fast, free, and you can compare reccs between companies.