Can I play too?

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I have a standing arangement with the dealer to call me when they get one in. I did not order one. Every time they called me for one of the few non customer ordered ones they have recieved, it was an auto and I wanted a gearbox. For the longest time I wanted a Ledgend Lime, so that is what I was looking for. Every GT they got was sold in hours or less. I happened to be driving past the dealership and saw this one get put out, I said to myself as I turned around, I hope that aint a 5 speed, it was. It is a Premium with IUP and Red Leather, the combination bit me. I had to pretend I was only mildly interested, go home get an insurance qoute, gather some paperwork up and return and purchase it. I still have all the other vehicles in my signature as well as a 66 F100, none where sacraficed, just have a second payment. It kind of was spur of the moment but it was going to happen sooner or later! Somebody ordered this one then bought one from another dealer acrooss the state before it came in.