Can I use a ccrm from a 94-95 3.8 on my 5.0?


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Jan 18, 2000
I have no high speed fan. I have checked everything and it's the ccrm. There is a guy here with a wrecked 94-95 3.8 and i think it still has the ccrm in it. Can i use it? If not what other cars have the same ccrm's as our cars that I could get one off of?
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Find a donor car at a junk yard and get that one. It's easy to pull out and will solve your problems. FYI: I have not done a swap, but every 3.8 to 5.0 artical I have seen (MMFF, 5.0, MustangMonthly, all have this listed as a mandatory swap part.
Well, I got the v6 one to work. I took both of them apart and the v6 one is just missing one relay. Mine was all burnt up and pretty black. I took one of the good relays off my old one and soldered it to the new one and now it works just great.