Wheels-Tires Can Someone Please Help Me Out

Sickboy 2013

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Dec 23, 2013
I just finished up the restoration of a 1966 Mustang..
However the rear end is from 68. I'm trying to find out the offset for the wheels being I'm trying to get new rims. I am aware there is a 2 inch difference between the rear of the 68 and a 66 can anyone help me out and determine what the proper offset for wheels would be for this vehicle front and back.
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Used a 1967 rear end on my 65 Coupe, wheels were Koya 18' x 8" with 148mm backspace, same as 95 Mustang stock 17" rims and late model Australian Falcon rims.

No rubbing or scraping with 235/40/18 tyres fitted.

Made up new 6061T alloy hubs with a matching 1" or 25mm offset for the front to give the same track.

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