can you use metric fuel injectors


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Jun 2, 2004
i have a metric table to convert metric injectors to standard so you can see their flow rate .Would you be able to use them in a american v8 my 89gt to be exact. :spot: cc divide by 10.5 =
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my memory is really shady in this area, so someone correct me if I am wrong. My memories are also based on 1999 data. There are at least 2 styles of operating a fuel injector. One of the ways pulls more current than the other, therefore if the mustang uses the lower amp injectors installing the higher amp injectors would fry those transistors in the computer...something to think about.

If the injectors are however of the same style then there is no reason you couldn't use an injector just because it is rated with metric units. For example, using your formula, the stock mustang injectors flow 19lb/hr *(10.5cc/lb/hr) = 199.5cc/hr
c i didnt that was a problem as far as calibration you can do the math and tell them what they would need to no...only reason i ask is because rx7 injectors are 450 cc low inpedance if the would fit that would be a cheap (ive seen go on ebay for 8 dollars a set) 42 lbs injector :shrug:
You can do it. Actually we just got done installing ford racing 30# injectors in a metric Toyota Tacoma 3.4L truck. The only thing that needed to be changed was the injector harnesses, and of course we had the injectors calibrated with our Split Second Fuel Timing Controller. For us it worked out great because getting metric injectors is hard, but for a mustang guy its not that practical since our injectors are very easy to come by.