Cant get new harmonic dampner on HELP


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Jul 13, 2003
I got a new ASP underdrive pully for my 2002 automatic. I used a pully puller to get the stock balancer off but now I can't get the new harmonic dampner back on.

What is happening is when I turn the bolt to tighten down the dampner the whole assembly is spinning. The dampner dosn't go on and I can hear the engine moving like i'm spinning the whole crank shaft. I need a way to stop the dampner from moving so it gets pushed in by the bolt tightening down. I tried to hold it by hand and can't. I also tried putting a screw driver through one of the small holes and propping it on the engine block. That trick didn't work either, I ended up snapping my screw driver. (craftsman thank god i'll get a new one)

Those of you that have done the install your self what did you do to hold the dampner ? Help me out guys please. I'm stuck driving my Go Go Action Bronco until I can get this figured out. Thanks
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yea and make SURE you get 125~ or 130ftlbs on that sucker (use a tq wrench.... dont just tq it down and think its on right) i didnt tighten mine down enough and i threw a cel light, said i had a missfire... the crank sensor was not lined up good with the crank balancer and making it do that, once i tqed it down all was good.
I just did this on mine last week.
You need to use a Harmonic Balancer Install Tool (I rented one along withe the puller tool from Autozone) The stock bolt will not thread in until you use an installer tool too get the balancer pushed on enough.
What did everyone use to stop the dampner from turning while you were installing it? I have an automatic transmission so putting the car into gear dosn't work. I'm open to sugestions on this part of the install. I've got a longer bolt and a torque wrench...just need a way to stop the dampner from turning while it's being put on. Thanks for the replies....all the info is helpfull, just need this last bit of information before i go back to trying the install of the new dampner again.
Thanks mr woodster. I went down to auto zone and they rent the installer out for a small deposit fee. All I had to do was ask for the right thing. Before they were all looking at me like I was crazy. Maybe they though I was trying to take the entire crank shaft out??? LOL But in any event I rented an installer tool as well and will try this project again on my next day off. Thanks for all the reply's. I'll be taking pictures during the install this time. Hopefully we can put together some kind of information thread and make it into a sticky. There's only a hand full of sites out there that show you how to do the install and they are missing a few key points that should be mentioned to the novice installer like my self. I'll post again when the install is done. Thanks again for all your help.