Cant pull codes, car idles funny then dies


it's built for speed not longevity, woman
Dec 26, 2006
Thomasville, ga
ok gang i have yet another question on this car. it ahs been running god for the past few days other than a clutch issue, but the engine has been fine. well i noticed my coolant line on lower intake was leaking so i pulled my dizzy tighten that 1-1/8 nut and put her back together and here is where it gets weird.

i started her up reset my timing to 10 degrees, shut it off re-installed spout connector and now i have a weird idle. it fires up fine idles fine for a second then the check engine light comes on it idles up then dies. WTF

i tried to pull the codes but cant. here is what im doing to pull the codes.

i install my jumper wire, turn key forwards and NOTHING happens. the fuel pump primes like always, the check engine light comes on and stays on. ive pulled codes before and this worked. so what gives?
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