Car dies at 75mph! Help!

Hey guys.

My car keeps blowing the #18 fuse when im at 70-80mph in 5th causing the car to die. I have changed the CCRM but it still does it.

The car is stock except for a o/r x-pipe and flowmaster cat back. I do have the check engine light on due to no MIL eliminators yet.

The only 2 things i can think of is when im at 2500 rpms the car is over charging causing the fues to blow or the voltage from the O2 sensors is going so high due to no cats that it is blowing the fuse.

The fuse is for the EEC,Ignition coils, and system warning lights.

Any help would be great!
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My check engine light has been on since I swapped my pipe too so I don't think that is your problem. The O2's won't have an overvoltage since they just read the gas in the pipe and relay the info so they are capped at a certain voltage. Now a short in the wire from the O2's would do it but I would think it would happen at different times, not just 70-80mph. Have the codes read. My bet is you will have more than just the code for the absent cats. I'm thinking maybe a coil pack is giving you problems. Is the car running ok other than what you described?
The car runs great. It doesnt die every time at 70-80mph. I swapped out the coil packs and it still happened. The problem with the codes is that every time the fuse blows it clears the codes.

The car does hicup or surge before it stalls. Im note sure if this helps.

It does surge alittle at different times but it only dies on the highway when cruising at a certain rpm for a longer period of time.
Weird...maybe try to find a schematic diagram to trace out the wiring from that fuse. You are getting a short or over voltage somewhere and I would think the surging and stutter is a symptom of the fault. The only other thing is maybe the EEC is giving the fault. Try checking the code after you notice the surging/stutter but before the fuse blows. You can get a code reader from Autozone for about 100 bucks or, like I did, I find a used one for 75. That way you can carry it with you and check the code as soon as you notice the problem. Also get some MIL eliminators for your O2,s so you can eliminate that code right away.
Ok im looking at the wiring diagram and it says a red/Lt grn wire comes from the fuse. It goes to 2 differnt places before it branches off. 1st is the CCRM which I changed today. 2nd it goes to the right and left radio interference capacitors then branches off to the ignition coils which have been swapped out and didnt fix it..

Im thinking the coils have something to do with the car surging/hicuping before it blows. I dont know much about the capacitors though. Maybe they are the culprits.