car dies when I engage clutch


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Apr 18, 2008
Ok guys Ive been fighting with this car for way to long now Ive had several problems all since I did my H/C/I swap its a TFS top end,stage 1 cam,stock injectors,(ran even worse with 24lbs),fuel pressure @ 45lbs,slight idle surge at start up but fine other than that, but it still dies sometimes when I push in the clutch to fast going around a turn or stopping at a light and since Im not a very good drifter and cant run EVERY red light I really need to get this fixed. any ideas?
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Sounds like your idle air control valve isn't working correctly so when you let off of the throttle and push in the clutch to bring the engine back down to idle, the IAC isn't opening up to allow air to bypass the throttle and so it dies on you. I would take the IAC off and clean it real good with carb cleaner to see if that helps. Do you have a stock MAF or an aftermarket MAF. You should probably go to the 24lb injectors but you will need a MAF calibrated for them or you will need to get a tune for the ECM so it can compensate for the 24lbers.
I did clean the IAC and the EGR also and when I cleaned the IAC I sprayed carb cleaner in it and you could hear the plunger pop like it was stuck open or closed but that still hasn't gotten rid of my problem.
I made an appt. today to take it and get it dyno tuned this weekend so I am going to put the 24's back in it so I'll see what happens then.
Thanks guys,and Ive looked at the Idle surge checklist a couple times also.
Hey "Liquid" are you going to WSC at gateway next weekend,I saw you're from the STL too.
You might need a new IAC, sometimes cleaning it with carb cleaner makes the IAC worse for some reason. Also make sure your MAF is calibrated for the 24's, a dyno tune wont fix that, or unless they tune the computer.

Since my stang has a running engine this year I might actually get to go to WSC.:D
They said that they will program the ECM for the 24's when they tune it and i had the MAF tube for the 24's in with the injectors.I might try cleaning the IAC one more time or I might have to buy a new one. Do you know any way to test it first though maybe with a multi meter or something?
What is your idle at warmed up? I'd suggest turning the screw on the throttle body stop if it is somewhat low. Same thing has happened to me multipul times and thats all it was, raised the idle about 100 rpm that was all.