Car is almost done, but a few problems.


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Jun 6, 2004
Brick, NJ
Been doing some overhaulin on the 01gt. Well the car is basically done I've been able to drive it but I got a couple problems a couple of you might be able to help me with so I can get this car done finally!

The front tires rub on a full lock turn and they are only 255's. Seem a lot of people run 255's up front with h&r supersports and don't rub. Did I do something wrong? The wheels are 17x9 AFS 03 cobra

Rear creaks the first time I throw the car in drive or reverse. It doesn't do it again until I roll the car a couple feet, throw it in park. And then put it back in gear, it will make the noise again when the car jerks as the trans goes into gear. Brakes maybe?

I can also yank my handbrake up real high now and if I let my foot off the brake after pulling the handbrake up, the car still rolls and makes an AWFUL sound from the rear like the cable is about to snap or something. Those ebrake cables were tight as **** going on did I miss something else that needs to be done?

Lastly, there is about 1/4" of space between the rear swaybar and exhaust and it bangs like a mofo on every little bump now. Is this just a visit to meineke to have them bend it out of the way?

Thanks guys! Help me get my car back on the road for this weekend!!!

ps - heres a pic where you can see the swaybar creeping up on the exhaust
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the tire rubbing issue I was running 285/35/18's in front and it didnt rub.
you might want to check whats rubbing, put some white chalk around your tires and drive it and see where it rubs in your car.