Car Wont Start


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Mar 30, 2005
I have been thru this before, my car wont start. I got a shift kit so I made sure it was in gear, I even tried neutral. The last time this happened me and a few of my buddies pushed it onto flat ground then my buddy tapped the starter and it worked. Well my buddy isnt here so I need to know where to tap. Can someone post some pics of the underside of the car and point out the starter? If I am correct, it is on the passanger side about a foot in right near the gear box and oil pan(I think). And then let me know where exactly I need to tap. Thanks.
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chekc and make sure all the wires to your starter are connected good and tight.its the circular thing next to the oil pan on the pass side,its pretty hard to miss :nice:


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what starter to get?

thanks, i got it last night. i knew once i saw it i would remember. i banged it and had a friend rock my car as i did it and it started right up. what is a good starter. i just need an overall quality one, i dont need something outrageous.