Carb/timing help in Tucson?


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Nov 7, 2001
Tucson, AZ
Hey folks,

I moved to Tucson with my 67 Ranchero in tow. I rebuilt the engine (351 W, TW, roller cam, T5 etc), but I'm having a problem getting it running. Anyone willing to come over and share some brews and barbeque and help me figger it out? I wouldn't mind paying for help either, but I'm not rich.

I've had it running for 10 minutes or so - ran/sounded great, but wouldn't idle. I know my timing is messed up and I think that I may have installed the balancer (FMS SFI balancer) wrong. I have a new 750 vac secondaries Holley on it. I also wouldn't mind having someone just check it out since prior to this I hadn't built an engine since high school almost 20 years ago.

I live near Speedway and Tucson. Thanks!
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Well, I'm not sure what the prob could be, I'm still learning on how all this stuff works (I'm 20), but I can point you to a site that could maybe help you out, and when you get it running, you can hang out with us. :nice: and then head to forums.

I don't live too far away, I'm over by Grant and Country Club, if you ever see a really loud, smoking Mustang Cobra II, that's probably me or my dad. We're still working on the carb on mine too, running way too rich.

My only guesses for you are to try advancing/retarding the timing, and see if going one way or the other helps or makes it worse, and then also bumping up the idle speed.
Yeah I still need to work on mine, I made progress on the richness I think, but it's got other issues. I may take it up to Bill Nelsons, theres supposed to be a guy there who's good with carbs, so I may try to get a dyno tune, I need to price it first though. You think you'd want to try that? Be cool to get some people to go.
Do you have a timing light? It's pretty easy to check the timing on the older motors.

Start with all of the vacuum lines. If they are really old, you should replace them all. Cheap and easy.

Do you have a jet kit for the carb? That makes tuning really easy. From what I remember, you stick bigger and bigger jets into the carb, until the exhaust starts to turn slightly black. Then you put a jet that is "X" steps smaller.

'X' depends on the carb. Some searching on google should help you out if you know the brand/model of the carb.

Have you checked your fuel pressure?

Why do you think you installed the balancer wrong? Is it "wobbling" or something.