Carb vs EFI


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Oct 13, 2019
littleton, CO
I'm brand new to stangnet so bear with me.
I recently bought a 63 Falcon with a stockblock 289, late model fuel injection, that appears to be from a 90 Explorer but polished, and megasquirt engine control. It really looks great and runs pretty well. All the wiring, coils, hoses, are hidden either under the dash or under the fenders.

I hate it!
I've read several of the posts already about how carbs require lots of adjustments and retuning, how EFI is so easy to work with and economical and reliable in any weather.
I'm 65 and I grew up with carburetors. I never saw a family stopped on the side of the rode on a vacation waiting for dad to rejet the carb so they could continue. I've also driven from sea level to half way up Pikes Peak (roughly 11,000 ft) in a 69 Mercury with a 302 2v and never had problems.

I'm not planning on replacing the current motor with a stroker, no superchargers, turbos, or nitrous.
I understand about accelerator pumps and powervalves and the springs in the vacuum secondary on a Holley 1850-2 600cfm.

So I'm looking for an opinion from someone with similar experience.

Am I stupid for wanting to taking off the EFI and replacing it with an Edelbrock Performer, Holley 600cfm, and an aftermarket distributor with HEI coil (I'm not totally dumb, I'm not going back to points).

This is what it looks like currently so you can see why I'm struggling with the decision.
Right now if it stops running, I'm not even sure where the plug is to connect a laptop and see what's going on.
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