Caster/Camber - Alignment?


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Sep 25, 2005
Cincinnati area
I was pumping gas today and looked at my front end (I just can't help but stare at my car sometimes)....and it looked like my front wheel tilted inward at the top. Never really noticed it before, but never really paid attention. Got home and both sides look that way. Put a level up to it, and from the outward most point of the fender flare and the bottom of the tire is level vertically. The top of the tire sits about 1" inward of the level....on both sides of the car. Is this normal?

Not too familiar with toe, camber, etc. The car pulls a little, but seems to pull different directions depending on how good of quality the road is....almost like it tracks on ridges, etc.
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I figured it was normal on my car too, untill I found out the alignment shop neglected to tell me that my camber was as positive as possible, which was about 1.5 degree negative camber. Insides of the tires will wear out quicker, so next time you get alignment stand there with the alignment guy just to make sure.
usually mustangs dont have that much negative camber from the factory, unless you lower it. if you do, buy a good set of C/C plates. i actually maxed out my positive camber for daily use -.3, so i dont wear out my $350 a piece tires.
I'm kinda clueless about alignment/suspension settings. I'm familiar with the terms, but not sure which settings each of them refer to. Anyone know of a good link to edumacate meself?!?

I guess I won't worry about it too much until I actually go get an alignment...the sooner my stocker tires wear out, the sooner I can convince the wifey to let me get new 18" chrome Saleens with matching tires!