cat back system or just mufflers?


Apr 24, 2006
Whats the difference between just having flowmaster mufflers or the whole catback system? Am I missing out on power? will the catback system complete my exhaust setup of BBK shortys and BBk 0/r h-pipe. And will I feel the difference? My flowmaster mufflers have been on my car since I bought it 6 years ago, do they go bad or clog or anything? They still sound good.
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a full catback will be a little more power and a little louder due to the larger diameter pipes...

When I went from my factory catback with welded in flowmasters to 2.5" flowmasters with turndowns I "think" I felt a difference. Obviously it was louder due to the turndowns...

It is up to you if it is worth it or not.
With a catback you also get larger diameter (2-1/2") mandrel-bent tailpipes, but I don't think the pipes will make any difference on a mildish 5.0. The stock tailpipes measure 2-1/4" and really aren't bad at all. The biggest restrictions in the 5.0 exhaust system are the stock headers, cats, and mufflers; not the pipes that communicate between them.
The biggest reason for selecting a catback rather than just mufflers is if your tailpipes are rusting away.
Your all set for the mods you have...I would just keep your stock tails on there... At the drags I did a few runs with my 2.5 tails and then undid them to see the dif.... Think I lost MPH doing so... Backpressure is a good thing sometimes..