Centerforce 28oz flywheel


New Member
Dec 3, 2004
New Jersey
Ok i bought a parts car last year around this time. kid i bought it from had a Centerforce flywheel but couldnt use it cuz its a 28oz balance instead of the 50oz that the 86-93 motors are. i was planning on using it for my motor build up but im wondering what else it will fit? anyone need one like this? like i said its a Centerforce Billet 157 tooth and 28oz balance. any help would be great. thanks
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yeah it wont work on our normal 86-93. those years use a 50oz balance. and so far summit says this flywheel is $340 bucks. i dont expect that much for it if anyones intersted but im sure not gonna give it away. even a stocker ford flywheel is $100.