Changing brake pads

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Kilgore Trout

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Mar 30, 2005
The GT does not have c-clips like the article on the Bullitt Archive shows. A Haynes manual would be helpful but also only shows the c-clip fasteners on the caliper.


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Jun 22, 2000
L.I., NY
CrazyHorn said:
So basicaly the brakes are the same as the 94-98 model ? Thanks for the info, it doesn't looks to hard lol. I'll probably buy a haynes manual also.

I can't vouch for that for sure, but the basics should be the same. I've changed many disc brake pads on different flavors of cars (even done some drums, which are quite a bit different) and they all pretty much follow the same steps. I had bought the haynes also but it didn't cover exactly my stang even though the book was for the correct model and year. So this link helped me out quite a bit.