Changing door glass


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Sep 5, 2001
How hard is it to change the door glass? My door glass on both doors are scratched from years of being rolled up and down, Ive replaced all my weather stripping, I have 2 damaged doors that have perfect glass in them, Ive never changed these before and it's too cold for me to be out right now trying to figure out how, just looking for some info to read over to help me be ready when it warms up outside. Thanks in advance!
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It's easy...

  1. Remove door panel
  2. Put window all the way down.
  3. Remove window run weatherstripping (the window channel)
  4. Put window partway up.
  5. Punch out the centers of the two rivets holding the glass to the metal slide. (They are in white plastic round grommets)
  6. Use a drill bit and drill the rivets until the head breaks loose from the body of the rivet.
  7. Punch out the rivets while supporting the glass.
  8. Lift glass straight up and remove towards the outside of the door.
  9. Reverse instructions to install.
  10. Repeat for other side.
Use a 1/4" drill on the rivets. And use 1/4" bolts and nuts to re-mount the window glass as it is rather difficult to un-punch and un-drill the pop rivets.

Also clean the rivet debris out of the door after you finish as the rattling of the pieces will drive you nutas.
so just use 1/4 inch bolts with nylon nuts in place of the rivets correct? I'll assume extreme care needs to be taken when tightening up the bolt or the window will break correct?
uhhhh... how about DONT use bolts...that is how i ended up vacuuming my car and the shop floor for several hours. use a pop riveter or someone that has one. harbor freight has a knock-off of the "big daddy" riveter for $12.99 but it comes with a bunch of crappy rivets. go to the ford dealer and get some quality ones. marson makes good ones also.
nope. the glass guy told me to use glass cleaner or soapy water to lube it so it would slide down at the bottom past the window. it will evaporate, so that it doesnt stay lubed forever, and keep sliding down by itself. however, on the inside of the window run, use silicone spray sparingly on the vertical parts only.
+1 on using the rivets. However, if you have never done rivets that large, prepare your pucker factor. After the first one, I was scratching my head in amazement that I didn't have a lap full of glass. Also, when I did mine, I used bolts (loose) to drive to the local dealership who let me use their rivet gun.