Changing timing cover gasket


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Sep 20, 1999
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
When changing the gasket, what's the best way to keep coolant from spilling into the oil pan? When I took the timing cover off about a year ago due to snapping one of the oil pan bolts in it, I got coolant in the oil pan. I did the best I could to cover the top of the pan but it didn't matter, coolant still got in there. I did my best to clean the coolant out of the pan but would be easier if there was any way to keep it from happening to begin with. Didn't know if there was some kind of trick. I guess the only way would be to drain the coolant from the block?
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Thats what I did last time. I didn't get huge amounts of coolant but enough to make it a pain. I cleaned the pan out best I could, put fresh oil in and only ran it for a few hundred miles then changed the oil again. Just to make sure I didn't leave any coolant circulating through the system.