Changing to GT body kit

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jstang209 said:
Would it be really hard to switch the front and back bumpers and add the ground affects? Would this project be able to be done at home or will professional help be needed.
Shouldn't be a problem if you have a basic set of tools. I believe it's a bunch of rivets and couple bolts holding it in...I haven't checked. Be sure to get it painted before you put it on though.

Also remember the GT's have special side skirt ground effects that you might want to pick up if you want "the whole package".
I've also never messed with the GT's but I think there is a different bracket for the fenders and you need an extra frotn bracket to use the foglights. Sides and rear should be fairly easy.
Remember, for it to look right you'll need to change the trim all the way around.(door molding is a pain)
You can buy new ground effects new, or you can get them out of a junk yard (except the front...unless you're lucky)

The LX molding must be removed from the sides the GT Grd effects replace it and it actually has a slightly wider pinstripe slot (if that's what it called?) You will need to buy new door moldings, but other than that the rest is replaced by the kit.

There are also two smaller side pcs that easily go on between the bumper and wheel,

The sides are attached using metal pc of hardware included in the kit (a lip on the side skirts grab onto the hardware.) The bottoms can be bolted/screwed underneath. -same with the sides. very easy to do...I did it with my dad in a back yard garage.

The front bumper is held on by rivets, but you can drill them out to remove the bumper, also find all the bolts that hold on the bumper....takes a while but easy enough. You don't need to use rivets to install the new front bumper, I used bolts (visit my web site to take a look!)

The back bumper is also easy, easier than the front; find all the bolts and install the new one...

There are also two side/back pcs that go between you rear wheel and back bumper, they install at the same time as the bumper, and will slide into place.

If you have any questions, let me know (i've done this to two LX's)

It's worth it! I love my 2.3, but have the style of the GT.

If you are the slightest bit mechanically inclined, All the ground effects can be easily installed, after all; all the cars were made in the same factory, the GT's just got extra body pcs to make them sporty. -they're the same car's underneath.

check out my site; I think it could help you (and maybe inspire you?)
Well, after I got bumpers and side skirts on, and my hood; I had the car painted. I drove around for several months with different color pcs (white hood, silver ground effects and rear bumper, and black front bumper all on a red car!)

Red is more expensive for any paint job, the pigment makes the paint cost more so the job cost more. It also depends on who does it. Always get several quotes; and ask allot of questions. Even try to see other jobs that they have done -including any color match jobs if you're only painting the new pcs.

I had my whole car painted, it cost me $1400 and I had no door jams done. (the guy gave me a good price, though- I told him I needed a good price or I just wasn't getting it done at all! and...I guess I'm a little good looking so; that helped.