cheap tint place in sd or irvine


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Aug 3, 2002
irvine/san diego
like the title says i'm looking for a cheap tint place in either san diego or irvine. i got my stang tinted at "tint devil" on miramar several years ago but i dont think they have the cheapest prices. (tint is going on an infiniti sedan not my car)
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allen2oo3 said:
its going on a sedan so 2 front windows, rear windows, and the back window

That is still 5 windows. I think the price might be the same. The store is called StreetNoyz down by the Sports Arena in San Diego.

They installed my alarm and did a professional job. I believe it will be them who I will be going to for the window tint. That is the quote I received for the Cobra. Do a yahoo search on them and give them a call. Ask for Paul, tell him JJ sent you. He might give you a deal :nice: