Check engine light after warm?

ok, when i let my car idle for liek ten minutes or so the check engine light comes on. i just finished gt-40 (aluminum) headswap, roller rockers and exhaust. it runs a littel warm too.. but im guessing thats the heads right? it has a newer radiator, newer water pump, new coolant etc. please help.
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I would try and burp the cooling system to make sure all the air pockets have gotten out. You don't want to run aluminum heads to warm. Jack up the drivers side of the car, open the rad cap then let the car run and cycle, (t-stat open and cooling fan cycle if applicable). That should get the air, if any,, out of the system. Whcih may get the temp back down to the right spot. As for the CEL, I would go ahead and have the codes read like stang22 said. Then you can post what # code it was up here on stangnet and we all can help ya get it in the right direction.

if your running a stock two core radiator you might have heating problems, might have to go to a three core or a alum. radiator, i had the same problem after my h/c/i swap, three core fixed it for me. every time i would get on it the needle would start to rise fast! now it wont budge above 1/4
Check your wiring and vaccume connections and read the codes. You might have left something loose. I bet it is most likley an O2 related code due to the fact that it only shows on closed loop.
with those nice parts, I would really look into tossing an aftermarket temp gauge in there. iron heads can take some heat, but not alum. I would want to know exactly what my temps are.

good luck.