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Sep 3, 2000
Florence, Alabama
a chip will offer like 5hp and tq maybe.... it a totaly waste and the only way to do it right is a professional dyno tune by someone who knows your car, i would go with fordchip or justin from SCT for the best out there, and you dont need that till you have far more than bolt ons.


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Mar 10, 2004
SDstangz said:
Custom chips are usually better than "sams choice" ones. Delta Diablo chips are nice they cost about 350 beans.
diablo chips are junk. SCT from can get 7hp/tq or more on a stock motor. justin and jason are really good to deal with. they can program to raise the top speed limiter,rev limiter, speedo calibration(99+ only),87or93octane,firm shift points on an auto, and many more parameters. it is a worthwhile investment and if future mods are added justin will be more than happy to reburn it to you specs.

about $350 shipped and customer service is great. if there is a problem they will answer an e-mail within 1 day. i got my SCT chip in 1 week after contacting them. great bunch of guys and very knowledgable