Chirped 3rd for the first time!


Founding Member
Jun 13, 2002
Since this diablo chip isn't burned right (its shifting into 2nd at 6200) I'm manually shifting it at the track, otherwise I'm turning the chip off. I was checking everything tonight since this is the first time I'm racing it since I got the trans fixed. I really wanted to see how it shifted with the chip and the shift kit. I maually shifted into 2nd at 5400 then shifted into 3rd at 4500 but that didn't seem to matter because for some reason it doesn't matter what rpm I shift into 3rd at at WOT. It holds 2nd til about 5300. But when it did finally shift it chirped 3rd! :D I'm having too much fun chirping the gears!!! I need a trans cooler and a trans temp gauge.
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