Chlorine vs. Aluminum


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Feb 1, 2007
Hey people. last night i was at a friends house and their dog decided to piss on my new rims. i didn't have any reg water around so i got a bucket of pool water and splashed it on my rim, rotor, brake caliper to get the piss off. this was around 3 in the morning today and i washed it off around 4:30 pm. my question is, will this hurt my rim,caliper, or rotor in anyway? or am i fine since i washed it off with soap and water? i've heard that chlorine errodes away at aluminum but i washed it off and it wasn't emmersed in it. will my stuff be ok?
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I would guess yes, now that it has been washed off, maybe there is something that you could spray on there, like a cleaner of some kind, that nuetralizes the effect of chlorine on aluminum...but if you got it all off you should be good.
I know the chlorine content might be higher in pool water, but unless you are using well water, all city water would have chlorine in it. I have a feeling, the low concentration compared to straight bleach you will be fine.