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Apr 12, 2005
I was getting a clanking noise coming from my left wheel well. I was having braking issues and replaced all 4 rotors, brakes, and one caliper (was seized). Thought maybe that would get rid of the noise too but it didn't. When I first drive the car I don't hear anything. After driving for about 10 mins the clanking starts. It gets worse as the car gets driven longer. First it seemed to do it when braking but then it started doing it even while just driving. If I let the car sit for an hour then take it out again the noise is gone till about another 10 mins of driving then it comes back. I just had the left bearing replaced and was thinking I got a faulty one? Also just had the tie rod ends and ball joints replaced at the same time about 3 months ago. Any ideas or advice?
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Are your anti-rattle springs installed?

Each caliper has spring clips that attach to the edge of the pads that hold them against the caliper so slight imperfections in the rotor don't make them rattle back and forth. Sounds like your rotor might be a little out of true and your clips aren't installed.
When I first put on new brakes they didn't come with new clips so I re-used the old ones. I thought the same thing myself so I bought new (better) brakes that came with new clips and used those.....noise still there???
brake dust shield

i have a rattle from my front left tire also. its more of a key rattle type noise than a clanking but i think its the brake dust shield. its been too hot (100 + degrees) to lift my car and pull the tire off to check it out so im not positive but that is one thing u could look at when u have that tire off.