Clicking under dashboard after new mcleod clutch and bbk cable install


Aug 23, 2020
Sayre pa
Hi everyone I have an annoying issue!I have been putting quite a bit of money into may 02 gt lately.For a good cause of course.I am getting it ready for something big soon as it has low mileage. Anyway I had a mcleod street pro clutch mcleod flywheel and a bbk clutch cable with quadrant and firewall adjuster.when The day I picked the car up it made this annoying click which seemed to be coming from under the top middle of the dashboard .The clicking was constant and not just with the clutch in,it was the whole time going down the road with the clutch out .Sounds like what a dead car battery sounds like trying to turn it over,that real fast clicking!I have an slp loudmouth exhaust and you can still hear this annoying clicking over the exhaust! It's not as loud as the exhaust but it takes away from the nice sounding exhaust and it so uh ends like crap! I know it has something to do with the install.Maybe something with the cable?Maybe clutch springs rattling I don't know,but definitely something with new install.It didn't do it before. I can't unhear this constant clicking. It's the whole way through all the gears.At a stop light I will take off and click click click click click. Any ideas please.It makes my nice engine sound sound lousy.
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