Close to finding my old 1991 LX 4-cyl..


New Member
Aug 26, 2020
Durham North Carolina
In high school I had a 1991 silver Mustang LX 4-cyl 5-speed and I'm hoping to find it and possibly buy it back. I called the DMV and managed to get the VIN number (I had sold it around 2000 and have zero paperwork on it) which I used on Carfax to find a general location of the car. After 29 years it never left the state of NC! It had been sold several times and went to auction once. Anyway, I have the city where the current owner lives, but I don't know quite how to proceed or if its even lawful to continue looking deeper into it? My hope is to buy it back and give it some TLC. Basically I'm posting hoping the owner is on here and sees this thread.

Model: 1991 Mustang LX Silver 4cyl
Current location: Spring Lake, NC

Looks like this
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