Clunk, Squeak, and Shake after New Rear End and Shocks


Jan 19, 2017
A month ago I finished up a rear end swap on my 01 GT. Immediately I noticed a shake when letting out the clutch from a dead stop in 1st or Reverse. Also as the car started rolling there was a clunking sound. Almost like something snapping into place. Originally I thought U-joint... but after getting under the car and playing with the drive shaft there isn't any real movement there. I guess my next option would be bushings. Sometimes when the car shakes there is also a squeak or chirp from the rear end as well.

When the rear end was out I checked for side to side play in all the control arms and didn't find any to my knowledge. Is this always a reliable test for bushings? Previous owner had put bbk lower arms on there. I am not sure if the uppers are factory or not. I replaced the differential bushings for the upper control arms.

I am at the point now where it might be best to start replacing stuff but that can really get expensive. I might start with a steeda upper and lower kit. Maybe then move onto brakes to see if something is loose there? I am pretty stumped.
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How much did you inspect before you put the rear end in the car? Did you insure the clutch pack was in good condition? Are the bearings good? i.e. pinion/carrier Did you put in limited slip lube or additive? A lot of questions, otherwise it's a guessing game.