Suspension Clunk When Turning Left


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Dec 25, 2012
Hi guys,

Probably seems like I have just one problem after another but at any rate, I am hearing a clunk when I turn left or right in what I believe is my passenger side front wheel. It seems to occur as I am getting out of the clutch and beginning a turn. I had an alignment done a little while back and they mentioned needing tie rods and potentially a wheel bearing. The tech did mention that I may be able to tighten a nut to take up any slack in the case of the wheel bearing (not sure why he wouldnt have done that). The driver side wheel looks like it is cambered to far out.

As a side note I did have the motor mounts loosened this weekend installing headers and I did tighten them as much as I could at the time. Not sure if a clunk could come from that or not.

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well @mikestang63 stated what we're all thinking. But from an experience with my replaced tie rod ends. Driving around town was normal but when i got on the interstate and on a FLAT stretch of road, where no gas is given like in a turn or up hill, down hill lower gear or slack is taken up by giving gas in a corner etc, just crusing the speed limit and letting off the throttle, my sh!t was all over the road. Just weaving like a drunk man cause of all the play in the steering wheel. Kinda scary, went to napa and got some moog rod ends, cleared it up fast :D
So you would recommend Moog for a good replacement over say an duralast (autozone) one?

I believe your problem is your tie rods and the wheel bearing. In my opinion you should do both sides for wheel bearings. If one side is already needing replacement, the other is right behind it.

Also, I'd recheck those motor mounts just for good insurance.
unless you want to replace it a lot, don't cheap out on this part get Moog :D

Good deal, found a Moog tie rod end for $14 a piece on rock auto. And I will check out my ball joints to help determine if the wheel bearings need replacing. From what I understand, the Zerk fitting will be sunk in on the ball joint if the wheel bearings are shot. Is that correct?