Clutch Advice


New Member
Jan 31, 2007
Looking for a little advice on what clutch to purchase for my Mustang. It's finally time to replace the stock clutch that managed to last 90,000 miles. It is a 90GT that is mostly stock, all your basic bolt ons (full exhaust, cold air intake, rockers, gear, shifter). Looking for an improvement on performance from the stock clutch, but don't plan on adding any major power. I also plan on getting a cable, quadrant, adjuster at the same time as well as a new flywheel. Let me know what the best bang for my buck is. Thanks
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An aluminum flywheel does rev quicker but what it gives up is rotational momentum. In other words the steel flywheel will store more horsepower that can be used on initial takeoff and shifting. The disadvantage to the steel flywheel is it takes more horsepower to turn which could be used to propel the car forward. The aluminum flywheel has the opposite effects. For a street car the steel flywheel is fine and provides better streetability especially when used with a more radical camshaft that doesn't have a lot of low end torque.