Clutch cable end too small for clutch arm hole

I'm finally getting around to installing the T5 into our Mustang II and am scratching my head because the clutch cable end (ball) is too small (or the clutch arm hole is too large!). I have an OEM D6-- cable, not an aftermarket one (ATP/Pioneer) and all of the forks I look at online look the same. I don't see this problem mentioned in a search here or elsewhere online, so I feel like I am missing something.

Thanks for helping out a poor soul who wants to get his MII back on the road!
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I'm (still) alive! Hoping to keep it that way for a bit longer...

It's a standard 86-93 Fox body T5 arm (two holes like eyes, open channel between them). I finally located some pics of a MII arm and noted the hole and slot. I am now making a piece to weld behind (in the U channel) the arm that has a hole & channel like the MII arm but am also countersinking the end of the channel for the ball with a ball end tool. Darn near ready to install this thing and ran into this when the clutch cable arrived.

BTW, Green Sales Company in Ohio had three Ford clutch cables on hand (D6ZZ-7K553-B) so I grabbed two of them since they are nearly unobtanium today. There's one left in stock but you have to call them (1-800-543-4959) to purchase and ship it. Great condition, right length spring, rubber boot at trans end and comes with the spring clip for the adjuster. I'm seeing that the ATP and Pioneer cables are scarce right now so if anyone has been looking, here ya go!

Back to shaping some metal! Thanks for the responses and I'll post a pic of the finished arm when done.
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OK, back in action again (work diversion). I cut and welded in a 3/16" piece of steel and it works perfectly! Trans is installed and clutch works nicely. I painted the arm because we live about 400' away from the Pacific Ocean and stuff rots here. I also powdercoated the trans (dark Ford blue) and bellhousing (silver). I'm installing the exhaust system this week and hope to have it back on the road in two weeks. Trans has new Tremec 2.95 gear set and synchros.


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