clutch chatter


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Dec 2, 2007
Just had a Spec 3 clutch and when I picked it up I was told it would chatter until I got used to it. I still have the stock driveshaft. Would the 2 piece have anything to do with it. The chatter seems to go thru to the rearend.
2007 Mustang gt 4.6 5speed
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the chatter is from how tight the springs are in the pressure plate. The two peice driveshaft will most likely give soon depending on what kind of power your puttin down. A one peice should be kept in mind. The chatter is normal and will not go away, u can give it more gas on take off and let the clutch out a little faster to make it less noticable. Itll take some getting use to.
Giving more gas and making your footwork a bit quicker will 'eliminate' the chatter. A lot of clutches are just flat out GOING to chatter, and all you can do is get used to it. Mine chatters, and has for the past couple thousand miles it's been in there. Now, I've learned how to release the clutch and get past the chattering completely.