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Jan 19, 2006
Louisville, KY.
Ok guys I know I havnt posted alot in here but I could really use your help ?! I'm not really sure if it's my clutch or what ? All I do know is that it takes everything I have just to push the clutch pedal in ! It engages fine but the pedal effort is rediculous ! Anyone out there ever have similar issues,and if so how did you fix it ? My mods are as follows ! Newly rebuilt Explorer motor (98 model GT40P ) ,ported cobra upper and lower ! Stock fuel system ! It also has a crane 2031 cam and new valve springs ! Mac gt40p headers, mac H-pipe ,and flowmaster 40s ! It's got a Spec stage II clutch and steeda quadrant !
Car runs reall strong and shifts into each gear ! I just can't figure out why the pedal is so hard to press in ? If anybody has any insight that would help it would be greatly appreciated ?! Thanks in advance !

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"How long does it take to get help in here?
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Nov 29, 1999
Larry, with clutch stuff, sometimes you gotta rule out everything else (leavin the PP as the last variable).

How is the input shaft bearing retainer? When they start getting chewed up, all bets are off. How about the cable itself? If you undo one end, does it slide in its sheath easily?

If those are okay, I'd wonder about the clutch itself. I thought I recalled Spec's having a pretty light pedal effort reported. What are your thoughts/recollections on that?

That's the best I got at 3 am.

Good luck.