Clutch On Tricked Out 1970

Ok -- As you may remember I have a Big tricked out 347 stroker in my car, elctronic ignition, extra election gas "pump" in the back and many other options.

The clutch is fried. It looks like they used a smalled one in the bell housing based on the holes.

Which ones should I consider? Will I need or should I consider a new fly wheel too?

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I had a Zoom on my 347. It is a good clutch. You probably need one that is 10 1/2". What power level are you looking for? Is this a street,strip or both car? What is the manufacture of the one you removed or part #?
I used a Centerforce DF diaphragm clutch and hated it. It chattered from day one. I took it to Mcleod and they tested it and couldn't find any issues and they really didn't want to sell me one without knowing why it chattered. Well I bought one anyway and no more chattering. It lasted for many about 16 years till I started putting over 600 hp through it. They are nice enough to rebuild what I have and put a better disc for less then a new clutch.
i use modern drivelines organic/kevlar clutches. albeit they are for racing and high horsepower applications. i have one on mine, and if you dont get stupid dropping the clutch, itll last a long time. they sell the clutch kits, with either just the disk, or the pressure plate, disk, throwout bearing, and pilot bearing. they also sell flywheels, cast and lightened billet.
their kevlar/organic ones take that easily, full kevlar will take a lot more. organic is stock, kev/org is designed for extra grab and high heat tolerance from high performance applications. the Kevlar/Kevlar are made for long life and minimal wear with high performance, high torque applications. both will take it easily, its all up to you in he end.