Clutch problem..Will this solve it ?


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Nov 4, 2002
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I'm having problems since I had the car with the clutches. First had the King cobra in and it was totally finished. Replaced it with brand new flywheel and Spec stage2. Clutch grabs hard but here's my problem. It's like it has to be pressed 100% to the bottom for it to run. Not sure how to really explain it. If I need to start the car, the pedal needs to be to the FLOOR completely for the car to start cranking. Never did this last year. I always had thoughts that my stock quadrant was busted or so. Will a new clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster fix this ? BTW, not really sure what a quadrant does. My pedal is NOT hard to press. Just doesnt "work" where I should I guess.


This is the package I've been looking at.
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There is a sensor that needs to be tripped for the car to start. It may be out of adjustment. I haven't touched mine, so I can be of much help. But a little experimenting will surely show you where it is.

The quadrant is what converts you pushing the pedal to the cable pulling the clutch release lever. It's kinda like a pulley, that the clutch cable slides on, I guess.

Find the sensor, and see what is happening. Your quadrant may be broken, or whatever trips the sensor may be. Who knows.
That sensor is the safety neutral switch or something. I guess it might be off or whatever. But the clutch doesnt grab where it's suppose to. Thats why I think I need an aftermarket quadrant and adj. firewall adjuster. "They" say that as soon as you switch to an aftermarket clutch with some good power, that you should upgrade that quadrant because the stock one will strip teeth or something like that.

Which one do you suggest ?
Stangfreak95 said:
What does the adjuster + aftermarket quadrant do ?
- Make pedal effort less?
-"Moves" the clutch pedal up or down?
-"Moves" the grabbing point up or down ?

Not so much on pedal effort. It allows you to adjust the point the clutch engaging and where when pressing the pedal it will engage. It was better than ever when I finally figured out how to get mine adjusted right. And definetely get the firewall adjuster. Saves lots of up and down under the car.