Cobra swap in 94-up stang!


New Member
Mar 23, 2006
I’m interested in doing a cobra engine swap! I plan on buying a 94-up mustang, which can be either a v6 or gt, I will just have to switch out rear ends on a v6 and probably change computers. I’m looking into doing a 96-up cobra engine swap and need to know what all is involved. Should I buy a standard so that the pedals and etc are already there? If I can find a 03’-04’ cobra motor for a reasonable price that’s what will be going in w/ a t-56 tranny, or I will buy me a mach1 engine w/ t-56 out of a wrecked car. I’m guessing that the computer has to be changed as well as a couple lines and hoses and probably the wiring harness, but what do I not know about this swap. Also what about the PATS security system? I have heard that the motor will not start if it is not equipped in the original vehicle that it came in, because of the chip in the key. If this is true then what do I do about this? I hope you all can help me because I’m really interested in doing this swap soon. If it don’t take to much time for you I would like it if you could tell me everything needed step by step and what I would need as a parts list. Thanks! Chad :shrug:
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